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Retirement planning

Bring your dreams to life with retirement planning at Alerus.


In an age where pensions are becoming extinct, people are relying on three primary sources of revenue during retirement: IRAs, Social Security, and a retirement plan through work.

No matter where you are on the horizon to retirement, it’s never too early to save or reconsider your contributions. We can help you determine how much you need to save to enjoy the retirement you want. Call, contact us, or visit Alerus Retirement Solutions to start saving for your future.

With a tax-deferred IRA from Alerus Financial, your money can work toward your retirement savings—one paycheck at a time.

Social Security
The federal government provides Social Security benefits based on your income while you work and the number of total years worked. When you retire, typically at 65, you can begin receiving full monthly benefit checks.

Your retirement plan through work
Depending upon your employer, retirement plans usually come in two forms: a defined contribution plan—401(k), 403(b)—or, to a smaller extent than 20 years ago, a pension plan. Ask your employer for more details.

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