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Safety and Soundness

Your money is safe at Alerus.

It’s important to us that our customers know the facts. There are three major factors that contribute to the strength and stability of a banking institution: capital strength, asset quality, and liquidity. The safest place for your money is still at Alerus, and here’s why:

Alerus capital
Alerus Financial is committed to managing capital for maximum shareholder benefit and maintaining strong protection for depositors and creditors. Alerus Financial strives for consistent, long-term performance. This is evidenced by the fact that the company has generated double digit growth increases in its shareholder dividends for the last nineteen years.

The company continually assesses its business risk and capital position. The company also manages its capital to exceed regulatory capital requirements for well-capitalized bank holding companies.

Alerus assets and credit risk management
The quality of a bank’s assets is an important consideration as they impact both the bank’s need for capital and its access to liquidity. Many of the banks that you are currently hearing about are struggling because they were heavily involved in originating subprime mortgages. As these mortgages have become delinquent, these banks are forced to raise more capital to enhance their balance sheet. Additionally, they lose access to sources of liquidity, which inhibits their ability to continue to lend.

Alerus Financial has not been involved in the origination of any subprime lending. We have maintained strong and consistent underwriting standards that are reflected in our loan portfolio performance.

Alerus liquidity

A bank’s source of liquidity is both customer deposits and others sources of borrowing, such as the Federal Reserve and the Federal Home Loan Banks. Alerus Financial maintains ample sources of liquidity in order to meet all of its customer needs.

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