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First National Bank, 1903



First National Bank in Grand Forks, 1903.

Shortly after Titus formed the Bank of Grand Forks, he was joined by his friend and partner, J. Walker Smith, who served as president of the bank until his retirement in 1910. Titus occupied the position of cashier until 1912, president until 1916 and chairman of the board of directors until his death in 1923.

In the late 19th century, two men from Chicago were granted a federal charter and organized a bank known as First National, which was located across the street from the Bank of Grand Forks.

The Bank of Grand Forks, having outgrown its first quarters, moved into the first solid brick building in the Northern Red River Valley at the corner of Third Street and Kittson Avenue.

In 1881, the Bank became the Citizens' National, having taken out a federal charter. On July 1, 1890, it purchased First National.

In 1896, the Bank moved into the building at the corner of Third and DeMers (still known as St. John's Block), where it remained until 1929. Note the telegraph poles and horse and buggy in the foreground.

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