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Identity Theft

I lost my credit card/debit card/ATM card. What should I do?

Contact the institution that the card was issued and have them close it and send you a new one. You should review the activity that has taken place with your card very closely to identify any unauthorized charges.  If there are unauthorized charges, you should contact the institution that issued the card and file disputes.

Because this is not actual personal information that is lost, this should take care of the problems.  If it was a credit card, you may want to place fraud alerts on your credit reports.

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I lost/had stolen my checks. What should I do?

Contact your bank and place stop pays on the range of checks that you had lost or stolen. This should stop those checks from coming through.  If you are unsure of the exact check number(s) or range of check numbers, you may need to close the account and open a new one.  Also, if you feel uncomfortable that your account number may have been compromised, you should close that account and open a new one.back to top

My purse/wallet was stolen or lost. What should I do?

This depends on how much information you were carrying with you.  If you had information in your purse/wallet that contained your personal or financial information (such as your social security card, drivers license, credit card or bank account information), then you need to follow all the steps as if you have already been a victim. We can assist our customers in taking the necessary steps to take back your identity.  You can also find information on how to deter, detect and defend yourself from identity theft at to top

Can I place fraud alerts on my credit reports if I have not been a victim yet?

No, you cannot.  Unfortunately, you are only able to do this once you have been a victim.

But, you can protect yourself with IDSafeChoice Plus!

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Should I sign the back of my credit card/debit card? Should I write “See ID” instead?

Response from VISA:

Visa requires the card to be signed by the cardholder.  Merchants are supposed to have cardholders sign in their presence if a card is not signed at the time of a transaction.


Visa considers a card with "See ID" or "Ask for Photo ID" or anything like that to be unsigned, therefore the cardholder would be asked to sign the signature panel.

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