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What is Alerus Mobile access?

Alerus Mobile Access enables you to connect to your Alerus Financial accounts via the mobile web or text messaging from your mobile phone. You can check balances, review account activity, transfer money, and receive alerts.

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Will I be charged a fee for Alerus Mobile Access?

Alerus Mobile Access is FREE to all Alerus customers. Check with your wireless service provider for fees associated with accessing the internet or text messaging from your phone.

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Is Alerus Mobile access secure?

Yes, Alerus Mobile Access is held to the same standards as Alerus Online. Messages sent or received to not include any personal information about you or your accounts. Additionally, account numbers are never used as customers select nicknames for all of their accounts.

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What accounts can I access with Alerus Mobile Access?

Checking, Savings, Lines of Credit/Loans or Loans, CDs

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What do I need to get started?

Active account with Alerus (Checking, Savings, Line of Credit, CDs)

Mobile phone with text messaging or mobile web capabilities

Complete the enrollment for Alerus Mobile Access

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Who should I notify if I lose my mobile phone?

If your phone is lost or stolen immediately contact your mobile service provider, then contact the Alerus Customer Care center at 800.279.3200 or send an email to

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Can I also receive alerts on my mobile phone?

Alerts can be set up on your accounts when you are signed into the Alerus Mobile Access site. The alerts that can be set up include:

Low Balance

Deposit Confirmation

Check Cleared

Withdrawal Confirmation

Withdrawal Threshold Exceeded


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Will my phone work with Alerus Mobile Access?

Any phone will work with Alerus Mobile Access as long as it has text messaging or mobile web capabilities.

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How do I change my Alerus Mobile Access account settings?

Sign in as an Alerus Mobile Access user, once signed in you can change your account information, set up alerts, or change your password.

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Why am I asked to create mobile nicknames for my accounts?

Mobile nicknames are easier to read and protect your account information. Account numbers are never shown when sending or receiving text messages or alerts.

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What should I do if I delete my one time verification code, or do not receive one from Alerus during the enrollment process?

Sign in from the enrollment screen. You will then be prompted for your mobile phone number. A new verification code will be sent to your mobile phone.

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Which mobile service providers support Alerus Mobile Access?

Alerus Mobile Access works on all major mobile service providers in the U.S. including: Alltel, AT&T, Cellular One, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, & Verizon

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What are the text commands for Alerus Mobile Access?

Balance Inquiry

    BAL- for balance on primary account

    BAL chck1- for balance on account nicknamed chck1

    BALL ALL- for balance on all accounts

Transaction History

    LAST- for transaction history on primary account

    LAST chck1- for transaction history on account nicknamed chck1

    NEXT- returns the next page for recent transaction activity

Funds Transfer

    TRA chck1 sav1 500- TRA account nickname account nickname amount

    i.e. transfer $500 from account chck1 to account sav1

    HELP - support information

    STOP - disables alerts

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Is bill payment available through Alerus Mobile Access?

At this time, bill payment is not available through Alerus Mobile Access.

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What should I do if I need or want to cancel this service?

Contact the Customer Care Center at 800.279.3200.

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When will I receive alerts?

Alerts are sent anytime after 6 a.m. following the previous business day. You can expect to receive alerts Tuesday through Saturday, excluding holidays.

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What if I get a new cell phone number?

If you get a new cell phone number, simply log into your mobile access account and click on the 'phone' tab. Here, you can edit your cell phone number or add an additional cell phone number to your Alerus Mobile Access account.

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What if I have a signature block set up for text messaging on my cell phone?

Signature blocks will not work with Alerus Mobile Access. We recommend that you remove the signature block from all text messages through the preferences on your mobile phone.

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