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Merchant card services

Enjoy an easier way to offer credit card convenience to your customers with merchant card services from Alerus Financial.


Whether you enjoy the convenience of electronic draft capture or prefer paper processing, merchant card services at Alerus makes business easy.

Electronic draft capture

Electronic draft capture helps eliminate the tense waiting period at the point-of-sale with a fast response time for authorizations. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, electronic draft capture allows you to accept VISA® and MasterCard® regardless of your business hours. 

With processing of transactions six days a week, you’ll reduce the waiting time for your funds too.

Your VISA® and MasterCard® electronic draft capture service package includes these great features:

  • Electronic draft capture software
  • VISA® and MasterCard® authorizations
  • 48-hour automated clearinghouse services
  • Monthly merchant statements
  • Transaction supplies
  • VISA® and MasterCard® decals
  • The latest in dial terminals and printers

Plus, choose from a variety of additional services your customers are sure to appreciate:  

  • Check verification/guarantee set-up
  • Discover® electronic authorization and draft capture
  • American Express® electronic authorization and draft capture

Paper processing

For companies who prefer to use the paper processing method of accepting VISA® and MasterCard® charges, your merchant card services will include:

  • Imprinters and plates
  • Transaction supplies
  • Monthly merchant statement and a toll-free number for voice authorizations
  • VISA® and MasterCard® decals

Merchant card services will help you save administrative time and money with a sophisticated chargeback system. You receive only those chargebacks that need your attention. In fact, many times, you will not see chargebacks that are reversed.

When you choose Alerus Financial's merchant card services, you'll also receive the personal, one-on-one attention and service of one of our customer service representatives. Just call 701.280.5185 for:

  • Answers to your questions regarding statements and deposit information
  • Orders for additional supplies
  • Help in balancing batches stored in dial terminal
  • Answers to your questions about VISA® and MasterCard® regulations

Have questions about merchant card services? Contact us today.


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