Attention: Account Update Required

We are enhancing our existing Alerus Online banking and bill pay systems, and also launching an exciting new banking app*.
To maintain your access to the Alerus Online banking and bill pay tools,simply follow these three steps:


Updating Your Account

Are you currently an Alerus Online user?

On or after August 21
Simply follow these steps to gain convenient, 24/7 access to your accounts:

  • The first time you log in on or after August 21, log in using your existing username and the last 6 digits of your social security number as your password.
  • You will be prompted to select and answer new challenge questions, as well as establish a new password.
  • Please provide answers that are easy to remember, but difficult for others to guess.

NEW! Personal Money Manager Tool

You asked for a more robust tool, and we delivered! Whether itís setting a budget, tackling cash flow, or viewing your account totals, managing your finances has never been easier. With the new Personal Money Manager Tool on Alerus Online, all of your spending is automatically categorized, so you can view how much you are spending on home expenses, food and dining, entertainment, and more. You can even pull in other information such as credit cards, mortgage, or retirement accounts to accurately capture income, expenses, and total net worth.

3 Ways to Bank Online with Alerus. Convenient? You Bet.

Current Alerus Online Users

After updating your Alerus Online account (see above for instructions), you can continue to access your online accounts through your favorite web browser on your PC.

Mobile Web/Text Banking

The mobile web banking product is a simplistic version of the Alerus Online system designed to display best on a smartphone. The text banking product is a way for you to conduct banking business through text messages.
Read more.

New Mobile App*

Read more about the new Alerus Mobile app and how to enroll or udpate your Alerus Online account to access this new, great product!


New to Mobile Access?

Current Users

Mark your Calendars August 21
to re-enroll.

Mark your Calendars August 21 to update your Alerus Online account.

*The Alerus Mobile Access app is free to download. Your mobile service provider may charge fees depending on your individual plan. Member FDIC.

Quicken Users

  • Before 8/21, backup data and disconnect Quicken from Alerus Online.
  • On or After 8/21, log in the new Alerus online.
  • Create new Alerus Online password.
  • Reconnect Quicken to your updated Alerus Online account. Users

  • Super easy to reconnect! No need to backup your data.
  • After 8/26** create new Alerus Online password.
  • Reconnect to your updated Alerus Online account.

**Please note: your info will be unavailable 8/21-8/26