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Alliance Refuse Trucks

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Alliance Refuse Trucks, founded in 2003, specializes in selling all makes and models of top–quality used garbage trucks and refurbished garbage trucks. The company’s inventory includes new and used refuse trucks, roll–off trucks, recycling trucks, front–loader garbage trucks, and rear–loader garbage trucks. The company—the largest private rebuilder of garbage trucks in the United States—prides itself on selling route–ready equipment. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Alliance creates customer relationships built on honesty, integrity, and top–quality products. Aidan Warrington serves as president of the company, which employs 40 people.


Warrington was introduced to Alerus Bank & Trust, and specifically Seth Philbin, commercial banker at Alerus, through a friend three years ago. Disgruntled with his relationship—or lack thereof—with his big bank, Warrington wanted to hear what Alerus had to say.

“Our bank at the time didn’t get it. We were one of a million numbers to them. They just didn’t understand our business,” said Warrington. “We were very frustrated because we had all the right ingredients to make our business grow, yet we were struggling to find a suitable financial partner.”

Enter Alerus Bank & Trust, who, according to Warrington, “came in and met and exceeded our expectations.” Warrington noted that no bank manager is “doing a good job behind a desk.” “They need to get out in the field and find out what the market needs rather than just look at pages and numbers.” Philbin and the Alerus team have done just that as they visit Warrington and his partners on a regular basis.

A seasoned businessman, Warrington said that the personal relationships are what set Alerus apart. “I’ve been in business for 41 years, and Alerus is the finest bank I’ve worked with anywhere in the world.”


Warrington said that while Alliance hit a niche market at the right time, it took the foresight of a bank such as Alerus to truly understand the market opportunity. With the help of Alerus, Alliance has grown steadily and impressively, going from 15 to 40 employees during challenging economic times.

“The difference between the relationship we had with our previous bank and the relationship we have with Alerus is beyond comprehension,” said Warrington. “Our previous bank didn’t know anything about our business. Alerus thoroughly knows us and our business.”

He noted that the responsiveness and knowledge of Alerus are tremendous. “The decision–making process is very short. Within 48 hours of speaking with Seth regarding a major purchase, we have an answer. That’s amazing in banking.”

Warrington is so pleased with Alerus that he routinely recommends the bank to his customers; to date, three have moved their business to Alerus.

“I’ve been in business in the United Kingdom,United States, Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East, and more, and I’ve never, never worked with a bank as responsive as Alerus. They are excellent people, and their understanding of business requirements is exemplary.”




Alliance Refuse Trucks
Phoenix, Artizona

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