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BestIT Corporation

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BestIT, founded in 2004, is a leader in information technology (IT) outsourcing and hosting services for businesses around the world. The company’s core competencies lie within hosted and managed software solutions, infrastructure and architecture services, end user help desk support, and business continuity solutions. Headquartered in Phoenix, the company – which employs 70 people and has been included on the Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the U.S. – also has offices in Los Angeles and Guangzhou, China. Harry Curtin serves as the company’s CEO.


BestIT takes care of clients’ IT needs so that those clients can focus on what they know best: their core business. The company’s business model is unique, and at times, it’s been difficult for banks to understand exactly what the company does. That, coupled with the fact that Curtin was “getting run around in circles” with his current bank, led him to Alerus Bank & Trust.

“I’d been working with a larger bank for about six years. Things were going great at BestIT, yet no one at the bank was really listening,” says Curtin. “We were being treated too much like a number. We weren’t getting that ‘special touch’. I needed something more that I could count on.”

Curtin found that “something more” in Alerus. “With today’s new economy, you need a bank that’s aware of what’s going on in the marketplace and how businesses are being impacted,” he says. “I’ve been absolutely pleased with Alerus and their knowledge, expertise and insight.”


For Curtin, the “right balance” in a banking relationship is very important. Personalized service and a thorough understanding of his business are a must. Yet, he doesn’t want his banker so involved that he’s slowed down or held back.

“Alerus is very supportive while giving me the space I need. Their efficiency and response time in getting things done when resources are needed are stellar,” he says. “They are very trustworthy, very understanding. By far they are the easiest bank I’ve worked with.”

With Alerus as his banking partner, Curtin says that he’s been able to implement decisions much more quickly. “They are extremely responsive and supportive, and they’ve helped us create a stronger foundation for today and going forward.”

As for the future, Curtin says he’s looking at growth opportunities. With Alerus as his banking partner, only the best lies ahead.





BestIT Corporation
Phoenix, Arizona

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