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Branick Industries

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Branick Industries was founded in 1917 with the introduction of the tire spreader, invented by Earl Branick. The company remains an industry leader in tire service and tire inflation equipment, nitrogen systems, and retread equipment. With an eye toward a greener tomorrow, Branick focuses on fuel conservation and helps customers reduce their carbon footprint. With more than 750,000 customers worldwide, Branick is committed to maintaining its well-earned reputation for quality, service, innovation, and value. Duane Brasch acquired Branick Industries with a partner in 1985 and currently serves as chairman and CEO. Brian Brasch joined the company in 2005 and has served as president since 2007.


Branick began looking for a new bank in 2009 when its long-time banking institution lost its local decision-making powers. “We had an excellent relationship with one bank for 47 years, but when they lost the ability to make decisions locally, we knew we needed to look elsewhere,”” says Duane. “We needed a decision maker that knew us personally and could make decisions rather than having to call a supervisor in San Francisco or Denver,” adds Brian.

Duane had worked with Dan Jacobson, chief lending officer and loan product manager at Alerus Financial, years earlier and approached him about Branick’s need for a new financial services partner. The Braschs also looked at other local banks.

“Alerus had competition, but they responded faster, and it was very clear that they wanted to do business with us,” says Duane. “While we had great offers from a couple excellent banks, Alerus wanted to partner with us and not simply be our banker.”

“With Alerus, it was evident that they put the customer first, which speaks to the importance they place on relationships and partnerships,” Brian adds.

Ultimately Branick chose Alerus as its financial services partner. 


Branick’s team at Alerus includes Cole Keney, relationship manager; Jeff Booth, credit underwriter; Ann McConn, market president; and Jacobson. “Everyone at Alerus, no matter their title, always has time for us,” says Brian. “For me, it’s more than professional; it’s personal. You need to take the time to get to know each other.”

Brian notes that Alerus has also taken the time to introduce Branick to key contacts at the Bank of North Dakota, the Economic Development Corporation, Dakota CDC, and more. “Anyone can lend money,” he says, “but the fact that Alerus introduces us to strategic partnerships truly displays that they want what’s best for us and our customers.”

“In the old days, everything was done with a handshake or a good word. That was considered a contract,” says Duane. “That’s what it’s like to work with Alerus. They have an exceptional ‘what’s best for the customer’ attitude. I appreciate all they do for us.”

“When it comes to choosing a bank, don’t even shop around,” concludes Brian. “They are proactive, and their partnership and teamwork approach is extraordinary. Plus, their rates are extremely competitive. It’s a no-brainer to work with them. If everybody did their job as well as Alerus does, life in business would be easy.”





Branick Industries
Fargo, North Dakota

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