Case Study:
Dr. Colin MacColl, MD


When Dr. Colin MacColl took a position as a surgeon in Grand Forks, he knew he’d need professional help in making a smooth transition from his home and job in Canada to living and working in the United States. “I didn’t know anybody,” he said, “and moving from one country to another was going to get complicated.”

During the interviewing process, he asked for names of bankers, lawyers and accountants, among others. “I wanted to know who the people were using. Those I asked recommended Alerus Financial.”

Today, Colin is on the other side of the table—interviewing other prospective employees—and when it comes to bankers, he gives them the same recommendation he received.

“I couldn’t be happier,” he said. “I tell them if you want a bank to look after all your banking needs, one that has relationships with the other important people like your lawyers and accountants, and one that knows how to put together a product that deals with all the aspects of your life, consider Alerus.”


In his business as a surgeon, Colin deals with the public a lot and he believes there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Right from the start, his Alerus team, including relationship manager Mark Rios, did it right. “They are professional. They listen. And they make things happen.”

“I was used to banks in Canada,” he explained, “and they are very stand-offish. They’re not particularly interested in you unless you’re a multi-millionaire. When I came here, even before I actually arrived and had a social security card, I had an Alerus mortgage approved on a house, all done via Fed Ex.”

Alerus also had the expertise to deal with any international issues, including the logistics of dual citizenship and filing two tax returns. “When I want to move money from one account to another and it happens that I’m in Canada with an American check, I just phone Mark and it’s done.”

“Mark is exactly what you want in a relationship manager. He’s always there to make sure things are taken care of. When I phone him and say do this, it happens. When I have questions, he calls back right away. In fact, Mark is more than just a banker. We talk about investments and retirement and he looks at the whole plan. He knows my accountant and my lawyer and they all talk to each other professionally to make sure I’m doing everything right. It’s really perfect.

“Alerus is the epitome of what a bank should be,” said Colin. “It’s almost like a family. They all know each other and they all know all of us. I’m 47 and I’ve never encountered this kind of a bank. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.”




Dr. Colin MacColl, MD
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