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Fargo Jet Center

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Based in Fargo, North Dakota, Fargo Jet Center was ranked as one of the top 10 aviation service companies in North and South America in 2011. Founded in 1995, the company is a full-service operation including aircraft fueling, an award-winning maintenance repair station, aircraft sales and acquisitions, and aircraft charter and management. Recipient of the coveted FAA Diamond Award, Fargo Jet Center is the largest, most skilled maintenance and repair organization in the region. Equipped with a fleet of modern, safe aircraft flown by experienced pilots, Fargo Jet Center’s charter services epitomize “stress-free travel”. Additionally, Fargo Jet Center operates a flight school. Jim Sweeney co-founded Fargo Jet Center and serves as its president.


Sweeney has been working with Alerus Financial for more than a decade. In looking back at what drew him to Alerus, he says he was interested in working with a local bank where he could speak with decision makers as well as finding a bank that would grow with Fargo Jet Center. He found both in Alerus and Bill Carlson, his relationship manager at Alerus.

“It’s important for your banker to stick with you and understand your business as well as the up-and-down cycles of your business,” Sweeney says. “Alerus has done that, plus they continue to be competitive in the products and services they offer.”

A few years ago, Fargo Jet Center sold five to 10 aircraft a year. Today, that number has increased to upward of 30 a year. “With that growth comes a need for a greater line of credit,” Sweeney explains. “Alerus continues to be there to learn how our business is changing and what we need to grow and be successful.” 


Fargo Jet Center works with a number of other financial institutions, and Sweeney says that it’s the relationships he has with Alerus that make all the difference. “The Alerus team is progressive and trustworthy, and they’ve grown with us both in capacity and technology.”

Sweeney says that Alerus’s local presence is extremely important to him. “Our Alerus team doesn’t talk about calling a larger office to get approval, nor do they shift us off to someone else. To us, that’s a huge benefit.”

In addition to business banking services, Alerus also manages Fargo Jet Center’s corporate 401(k) plan. “We always appreciate the updates and new information we receive from Alerus, and we look forward to future enhancements and growth within their retirement solutions.”

For other businesses that are looking for a banking relationship and not simply a bank, Sweeney offers this advice: “Meet the people at Alerus; you’ll find them to be progressive banking and financial services individuals that you’ll want to continue doing business with for years and years to come.”

As for the future, with a banking partner like Alerus, the sky’s the limit for Fargo Jet Center.





Fargo Jet Center
Fargo, North Dakota

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