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Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

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Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy provides rehabilitation, wellness, and fitness services to all individuals so they may have the opportunity to function at their optimal level. The company’s certified athletic trainers, experienced strength and conditioning specialists, and skilled physical therapists provide hands–on physical therapy with integrity and accountability to ensure the best possible patient results. All 18 Foothills locations—situated throughout Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona—are locally–owned, full–service rehabilitation centers. Nine locations include Foothills Acceleration and Sports Training (FAST®) centers. Foothills was founded in 2000 by Michael Basten, PT, DPT, MTC, ATC, CSCS. Today Basten serves as president and CEO of all 18 locations, with each location having its own owner–operator/partner.


For Basten, it really is all about relationships. Before Alerus Bank & Trust entered the Phoenix market in 2009, Basten worked with several financial institutions. Along the way, he met and worked with Tim Brunner, who now serves as a relationship manager at Alerus. Dissatisfied with the lack of communication and attention he was receiving from his current bank, Basten switched to Alerus.

“I just didn’t have much of a relationship with my other bankers, and for me, it all goes back to relationships,” he said. “With Tim and Alerus, I have that. They know me and my business, and they’re able to find solutions to my needs.”

Basten views Brunner as part of his team of key people. “Tim is a vital part of enabling us to grow in a concerted effort.”

Grow indeed. Basten has added seven locations since working with Alerus.

“Over the last 12 years, healthcare has been in a constant stage of change,” Basten said. “With Alerus, I not only have the lines of credit I need, but I also have the flexibility and latitude I need to grow in a more predictable fashion without undue stress, even amidst the changing healthcare landscape.”


According to Basten, working with Alerus has allowed him to do what he needs to do: focus on his business. “As a business owner, my attention needs to be on all aspects of my business,” he said. “I need trusted relationships with people who know certain areas of my business better than I do so that they can ensure I’m on the right path as we continue to grow. That’s exactly what I have with Tim and Alerus.”

Basten said that while it can be challenging to keep Foothills’ multiple accounts straight, organized, and simple, Alerus is succeeding like no other banks have. In fact, Alerus is helping improve the company’s bottom line by making changes to its merchant services that will save Foothills more than $60,000 annually.

“If a small business is looking for relationship banking, Alerus Bank & Trust is the best choice, bar none,” Basten concluded. “As a small business person, I want to support a bank like Alerus. I don’t go to big banks because with them, I’m just another number. I’m not a number; I’m a bank’s livelihood. Alerus understands and appreciates that, making me always feel like I am their most important customer.”





Foothills Sports Medicine
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