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Mid States Wireless

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During the recent record-setting floods in Fargo-Moorhead, Mid States Wireless played an integral part in providing communications support to many of the area's public safety organizations. They supplied much-needed pagers and two-way communication services.

Over the past 60 years, Mid States Wireless service has grown into the role of the leading full-service wireless dealer in the Red River Valley, specializing in two-way, digital PCS, paging, commercial radio, console and wireless broadband internet solutions. They also run several related companies. 


Mid States Wireless is structured somewhat like an interesting novel—one with lots of twists and turns that all relate to one another in the end. Likewise “the Mid States portfolio of companies includes many DBAs,” says owner Lisa Bortnem-Wiser, “everything you do for one line of business affects another, and that’s not easy to wrap your arms around.”

Lisa has been involved in the second-generation business for years and it’s long been her dream to become owner when her father was ready to retire. 


Her dream has become a reality. Lisa recently became sole owner of Mid States Wireless after a five-year buy-out. She credits her Alerus banker for helping to make it happen. “Mark Naumann took the time to fully understand our complex business structure and how each business unit affects the other,” she says. “He also worked collaboratively with my lawyer and CPA to eliminate surprises and positioned me for total ownership.”

“Alerus has allowed our business to expand because they are able to see our potential when other banks didn’t,” Lisa feels. “They put together an incredible loan package for a remodeling, expansion and equipment upgrade project. It enabled us to take one arm of our business from a mom-and-pop answering service to a national call center. Now we’ve landed some big accounts—clients we previously had to say no to.”

Lisa appreciates the business bankers and their level of authority in the bank. “Mark’s ‘yes’ sticks,” she notes. “It’s great to have a bank that supports what you’re trying to accomplish as opposed to what makes them the most money.”

The entire family has grown quite attached to Alerus. “I consider Mark a friend of mine,” Lisa says. She and other family members now do all their business and personal banking with Alerus. She cites many instances when Mark has gone beyond his role as their business banker, like when her dad lost his debit card in Bermuda. But that’s another story. 





Mid States Wireless
Fargo, ND

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