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NOW Micro

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If it has to do with technology, St. Paul-based NOW Micro can build it, customize it and support it. In addition to computer systems, they design security systems and digital signage—and provide services to customize them.

Not only does NOW Micro know how to do technology, they excel at customer service and they know how to grow their business. Over the years NOW Micro has received dozens of prestigious awards and industry distinctions—among them are City Business’ 50 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Minnesota, Deloitte & Touche’s 50 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies, and Computer Reseller News’ Top 50 System Builders.

“Being recognized by our industry is exciting,” they say, but “being valued by our customers is indispensable.”


NOW Micro’s previous bank wasn’t doing anything wrong, per se. They provided all the banking products and services a business would typically use. But President Bob Milam reports that NOW Micro wanted more. In addition to commercial banking services, he was looking for a true business partnership—a consultative relationship—rather than a bank that just took orders.
A few years earlier, Bob had encountered Alerus Financial commercial banker Chip Norris, and included him in the short list of potential banking partners. After visiting with various business bankers, the choice to go with Alerus was clear.

“As we were considering a switch, a few Alerus services stood out, like the remote deposit service and their aggressive pricing on our line of credit. Also, the online banking tools are user-friendly and very solid,” Bob says. “But in the end, it was the interactions with the Alerus team that landed us here. It’s clear we’re in this together, as partners rather than a vendor-customer association.”


Bob has the type of relationship he had hoped for with Alerus. Over time, he’s consolidated accounts that were at multiple banks. He and Chip and the others at Alerus have developed the type of rapport where they can bounce ideas off each other and exchange outlooks on different aspects of NOW Micro’s business.

“There’s a mutual respect,” says Bob. “Even when we’re faced with a tough situation, we can work through it together, without any contentiousness.”
It’s hard for Bob to put a dollar figure on the savings he’s realized since partnering with Alerus. His finance and accounting staff are more productive by using some of the Alerus Commercial Banking tools, like remote deposit and online bill pay. He’s also confident in Alerus’ ability to grow with him and extend more credit when it becomes necessary.
On a broader level, Bob is impressed with the way Alerus is structured. “Right now a lot of companies are not that confident in their banks,” he says. “I’m completely secure in the ability of Alerus to help our business grow. It’s not your stereotypical bank.” 





NOW Micro
St. Paul, MN

Business Type

Computers, Information Technology

Services Used

Commercial Banking
Business Checking
Business Line of Credit
Remote Deposit
Online Banking and Bill Pay   

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