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Pella Northland

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Pella Corporation is a leader in designing, testing, manufacturing, and installing energy-efficient windows and doors for new construction, remodeling, and replacement applications for commercial and residential needs. Pella, headquartered in Pella, Iowa, is known for its 87-year history of making innovative products, providing quality service, and delivering world-class customer satisfaction. Pella Northland serves as a distributor for Pella products. Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, Pella Northland serves all of Minnesota, northwest Wisconsin, eastern North Dakota, and northeast South Dakota through retail locations. Ed Engelbrecht leads the local business as owner and president of Pella Northland, which employs 70 people. Prior to purchasing Pella Northland, Engelbrecht worked for Pella Corporation for 30 years, most recently as vice president of sales.


Pella has a unique distribution model – direct to customers – and Engelbrecht says the model provides customers with three things: great people, great products, and great processes. Those same three things are what Engelbrecht was looking for in a business banking relationship. “I knew I needed a banking relationship that I could trust with services I could rely on,” he says.

He recalled that Dave Latta, an acquaintance from college, worked for Alerus Financial, and thought that he should reach out to him. When Engelbrecht asked for a referral from his accounting firm and they replied, “You should really look into Alerus,” it sealed the deal. He reconnected with Latta, an executive vice president with Alerus, and the rest, as they say, is history. 


Engelbrecht worked with Latta and Lisa Moncrief, a relationship manager with Alerus, to “get set up efficiently and effectively with all the things a new business needs.” He says that from basic necessities to more complicated needs, Alerus has been extremely responsive.

“My team and I are very pleased with the service we receive from Dave, Lisa, and the team at Alerus,” Engelbrecht says. “They are very thorough, professional, approachable, and responsive, and on top of that, they’re very easy to work with.”

It truly is the relationships that set Alerus apart from other banks and financial organizations. “Alerus has a more personal touch, and you get a real sense that they care about your business instead of looking at it as just another account.”

Engelbrecht says he looks forward to expanding on the services and products that Alerus offers, including a line of credit. “As I grow my business and need access to financial products, I know Alerus will be there for me.”

He says he looks forward to a long-term relationship with Alerus, who he views not simply as his bank, but as his banking partner. “With Alerus, you get a great attitude with excellent service. They do what’s needed to get the job done, and that’s refreshing.”

“At Pella Northland, we want our customers to be very satisfied with their Pella experience, and I think that Alerus mirrors that and has a similar goal,” Engelbrecht concludes.





Pella Northland
Plymouth, Minnesota

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