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Petcetera Animal Clinic

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They’ve treated some pretty interesting patients at Petcetera Animal Clinic, everything from a three-foot iguana to a diapered duck. It’s all in a day’s work for veterinarians Carol Hagen and Rod Gigstad.

Dr. Hagen purchased the veterinary clinic in 1994. At that time it was called Riverside Animal Clinic. She chose not to keep the name, opting instead for her own creation, Petcetera. However, one thing she didn’t want to change was the banking relationship.

“What’s nice about our relationship with Alerus is that they know us well. I can call our banker and tell her “what I need and she knows all the rest. It’s the easiest thing I can imagine,” says Dr. Hagen.


The clinic was growing rapidly in its downtown Grand Forks location. When river water and flames consumed the downtown area during the infamous flood of 1997, the facility was destroyed. Dr. Hagen went home to her garage, took the animals with her and operated there for a year.


It was during the garage-clinic days that Dr. Hagen and her husband, Dr. Gigstad, designed her practice and the two set out to build a new facility, with help from Alerus. “They completely made the new building possible for her.”

Since then, the couple reports that Alerus has been very positive about their progress. “They are instrumental in helping us acquire the equipment and updating the technology we need to offer new procedures and expand our services.” Petcetera has grown from
a small operation with one part-time veterinarian to a five-veterinarian clinic with six veterinary technicians and four office staff.

“Ours is a seasonal business,” says Dr. Gigstad. “Alerus helps us balance our operating funds so we have more to work with during the leaner months.”

“More than anything, I attribute our great relationship to their overall banking philosophy. The personal banking approach just works for us. We don’t have a different person every time but rather our own team that knows us well. They automatically take care of us,” Rod reports, and Carol agrees. 




Petcetera Animal Clinic
Grand Forks, ND

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