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Rauch, Hermanson, Everroad & Rentschler

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In 1975, David Rauch founded David J. Rauch, Ltd., which has grown through the years into Rauch, Hermanson, Everroad & Rentschler, Ltd. Today, Rauch, Hermanson, Everroad & Rentschler (RHE&R) is a leading certified public accounting firm in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company is dedicated to the underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. By combining the expertise, experience, and the energy of its staff, each RHE&R client receives close personal and professional attention. David Rauch, Jon Hermanson, Matthew Everroad, and Mackenzie Rentschler serve as directors in the firm. Rauch, Hermanson, Everroad & Rentschler has nine additional employees, seven of whom are CPAs.


The adage that “you don’t know what you’re missing until you find it” is true when it comes to RHE&R and its banking relationship. When Seth Philbin, relationship manager at Alerus Bank & Trust in Scottsdale, paid a visit to RHE&R in 2011, the firm wasn’t actively looking for a new bank. But as the conversation continued, things changed.

“We were intrigued by what Seth described in terms of how Alerus defined relationship banking and customer service,” said Rentschler.

While the firm’s day–to–day banking needs aren’t complex, Rentschler said that they did not have a strong relationship with their current bank, and marginal customer service from the bank was becoming accepted. The time was right to switch banks. Alerus got the nod.


“One thing that sets Alerus apart is that they are much more solution–based than other banks,” said Rentschler. “They look outside the box to determine what will work for us, and that makes them stand out from the competition.”

For a company that places so much importance on relationships, finding that same commitment in its banking partner has been extremely rewarding.

“Much like what we do for our clients, we want a bank that looks out for us, and if there are changes that can benefit us, we want to know,” said Rentschler. “That’s exactly what Alerus delivers – and then some.”

“We see Seth as he stops in the office on a regular basis,” she said. “In the past, out of the four partners here, maybe one would have known who to deal with at our bank. With Alerus and Seth, it truly is a relationship and very much a team environment of working together.”

For other businesses looking for a new or different banking relationship, Rentschler doesn’t hesitate in recommending Alerus. “When you work with Alerus, you receive a relationship, not just a bank. They’re there to provide solutions and build long–term relationships.”





Rauch, Hermanson, Everroad & Rentschler
Scottsdale, Arizona

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