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T.R.S. Industries, Inc.

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T.R.S. Industries has its customers covered--literally.   Established in 1983 in the garage of Roger and Claudia Cossette, the company manufactures supreme roll tarp systems.  Shortly after its founding, Roger and Claudia's son Richard joined the company.   Eventually the whole family got involved as Joy, along with their sons Shane and Bob, joined as well.  Today Richard serves as president of T.R.S. Industries and Joy as Vice President.

In 1989 the company expanded to the Fargo Industrial Park, putting up its own building. Expansion continued in 1992 and 1995 when T.R.S. added to its existing building and more than doubled its space. In 2005 the company added its fabrics division for new tarp production and custom covers.

T.R.S. manufactures many of the parts for roll tarp systems and stocks a wide selection of replacement, lumber and steel tarps. Additionally, the company makes products ranging from wine bottle carriers to wash bay curtains to bug screens.


One of the things that sets T.R.S. Industries apart from its competitors is its commitment to great customer service. If a customer can’t seem to find “just the right tarp,” T.R.S. can fabricate a custom tarp for almost any application. Unfortunately, the company’s prior financial institution didn’t share that same commitment. 

“The customer service just wasn’t there,” says Richard Cossette. “There were issues with our account management, and the person assigned to our account blamed us. But, it was poor paperwork on the bank’s side that was causing the issues. It was clear that we needed to move to a different bank.”

Alerus Financial was the clear choice. Richard had previously encountered some Alerus personnel and his recollection of them was very positive. After talking with them it was easy to see Alerus would be a good fit.


Since his switch to Alerus more than 15 years ago, Richard and T.R.S. haven’t looked back. He values the relationship he’s built with Alerus, especially during challenging times. “In today’s economic environment, everyone is unsure of what’s going to happen down the road. We rely on Alerus to help us in hard times and good times,” says Richard, “and they do just that.

“Alerus has handled the current economic situation really well,” he continues. “They haven’t put themselves at risk like other banks.”

Fortunately, T.R.S has experienced a great deal of growth over the last few years and Alerus Financial has been with them every step of the way. “We’re in the process of expanding and buying another building, and Alerus has gone above and beyond for us in working with local programs,” says Richard. “They are playing a key part in making our expansion a reality as quickly as possible.

“They have a true understanding of our business and what we do, and that helps tremendously.”

Undoubtedly the T.R.S. and Alerus Financial relationship will continue for years to come. “Any time anybody asks me about a financial institution, I recommend Alerus. Their service goes well beyond my expectations. Other banks have wooed us for our business, but I don’t have a reason to switch and can’t see that we ever will,” says Richard. “Our relationship with Alerus has just been awesome.”





T.R.S. Industries, Inc.
Fargo, ND  

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