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Setting up alerts is a great way to take total control of your account.

By choosing the notifications that make the most sense for your situation, you'll always know what's happening with your account through a text message or email alert.

When signed into your Alerus Online account, click on the Alerts tab to schedule a new alert or manage how you receive alerts.


Sign up for one or more of these Alerts

  • Balance: It's easy to monitor either a low account balance or excess funds with balance alerts. You determine a minimum or maximum threshold that triggers an alert when your balance is below or above a specific amount.
  • Transaction: Use Transaction alerts to notify you when your payroll is deposited, a check clears, or to monitor a variety of account activities.
  • New Secure Message: Use the new message alert to notify you when Alerus Online has sent you a secure message regarding bill pay information or other secure communications.

NOTE: Alerts are sent once a day and are not processed in real time.

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